Wall Angels

1.) Lean your back against the wall with feet shoulder width apart. Your feet should be about 1.5-2 feet from the wall.

2.) Perform 1/3 squat. The knees should not extend further forward than the toes.

3.) Keep a slight curve in the low back.

3.) Rest your head against the wall. Sometimes, this is not possible and a thin pillow may need to be placed behind the head.

4.) Place the back of the elbows, forearms and wrists (palms facing out) against the wall.

5.) Brush the wrists and elbows up and down against the wall.

6.) It is important to pull the elbows as close to the sides as possible on the down swing. Also, attempt to touch your fingertips together overhead on the up-swing.

If you are unable to contact the wrists and elbows to the wall, it may be necessary to stretch the pectoral muscles before doing the wall angel exercise. Over time, the arms will go flat against the wall. Be patient, it may take a few weeks.


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