Standing Pelvic Tilt

Steps to Start the Exercise:

1.) Stand with heels against the wall

2.) Put one foot directly in front of the other and spreading your feet shoulder width apart.

3.) Lean back against the wall, with feet staying in previous position and legs staying straight.

4.) Now that you are leaning back against the wall, begin the pelvic tilt by flattening your low back against the wall. (Hint! Squeeze your buttocks cheeks together.)

  • Rememeber to keeps your knees from flexing and moving

5.) Now flex you pelvis by creating the space behind your back again. (Hint! Lift your buttocks up the wall as far as you can.)

6.) Always remember to breathe out while you are flattening your spine and breathe in while you are arching your back

Pelvis tilting requires activation of the abdominals and glutes (Tighten your stomach and squeeze your buttocks). If it often helpful to imagine a bubble between your back and the wall; pressing your back against the bubble as to pop it, and rounding your back enough to allow it.


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