Chiropractic Works!!!

By: Jan Jarvais

1. Approximate date of onset of injury: May 1, 2006

      2.  The problems, symptoms, or ailments you were troubled with at that time: I had pain in my lower back-probably due to accidents or child birth

      3. The number of doctors you saw and type of drugs taken: None--thankfully

"    4. The extent to which your normal life was interrupted due to the health problem: I felt like I wasn't able to enjoy playing with my son and I hated not having the energy to interact with others

     5. The length of treatment in visits or time before the results of chiropractic care became apparent: 2-3 days, seriously! A marked improvement.

6.  Your impression of the general health benefits of chiropractic care, and specifically how it helped you: The benefits are awesome! I have been virtually pain free! The adjustments really made a difference! I tried supplements, as well. I think they helped. The staff here are great, too! They were more than willing to share their expertise and experience.

"The adjustments really made a difference!"  


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  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Dudley."
    John - Waterville, ME